Is anyone game enough to do this? It needs sent in the next 24 hours tho. Would be nice if we could contribute….. 😉

As you may have seen, Robbie is retiring from his role as Convenor of the SCRA at the end of the month.

SCRA: Change of Convenor

His daughter is creating a short video to celebrate his 10 years in this role. We would ask that you, or someone within your club, provides us with a short video that will be edited together with submission from all the clubs. You may have seen some similar videos on social media recently but we plan to create a video where a rowing related item is being passed from clip to clip. An example is attached.

We would kindly ask that you;
1) Please record this video dressed in your club kit.
2) Please select a rowing item of your choice (could be a medal, club flag, rowing top)
3) Please record the video in LANDSCAPE!
4) Please ask someone else to record you getting this item thrown in from YOUR right and then you are going to throw it out to YOUR left. Please keep the clip short- no more than a few seconds long.

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